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The external examination system   E-mail
29.12.2005, 13:00
   The new system of external assessment, having been brought in gradually since 2002, makes it possible to diagnose both the achievements and shortcomings of students’ education, to assess the effectiveness of teaching, and to compare objectively current certificates and diplomas irrespective of the place where they have been issued.

The parts of the external examination system are:
 The Competence Test in the sixth class of primary school.

 The Lower Secondary School (Gymnasium) Examination  conducted in the third class of lower secondary school.

 The Matura Exam for graduates of general secondary schools specialized secondary schools, technical secondary schools, supplementary secondary schools or post secondary schools.

 The Examination confirming Vocational Qualifications (vocational examination) for graduates of: vocational schools, technical schools and supplementary technical schools.

The rules of external assessment are described in detail in The Ordinance of the Minister of National Education and Sport (September 7, 2004) on Circumstances and Methods of Assessment, Classifying and Promoting Students and Participants, and Conducting Tests and Examinations in Public Schools (Dz.U. of 2004, No. 199, pos. 2046).
External assessment is conducted at the end of given stage of education in view of the requirement to realize the educational assignments described in the Core Curriculum. The methods and results of realizing these assignments may vary because of the full autonomy of each school. Therefore, only the final effects of education and results achieved from a completed stage of education can be compared.
The basis for conducting the tests and examinations are the attainment standards signed by the Minister of National Education and Sport in 2003. They have arisen as a result of extensive consultations with teachers and the academic community, and are based on the educational goals written down in the Core Curriculum.
The establishment of uniform and precisely formulated attainment standards has direct influence over objectivity and standardization of the external assessment. Furthermore, those standards are relevant for moving the main interest of the assessment from knowledge to skills and abilities obtained at a particular stage of education.


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