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The Central Examination Board   E-mail
02.01.2006, 11:20

The Central Examination Board is a public education institution based in Warsaw. It was established on 1st January 1999 by the Minister of National Education on the strength of the Act on the System of Education  (September 7, 1991) with further amendments to prepare and organize the external examination system, which aim was to evaluate the educational achievements of the students, to monitor the quality of the educational influence of the school and to make all the certificates comparable irrespective of the place where they have been issued. The responsibilities of the Central Examination Board are as follows:

 Preparing suggestions for the attainment standards, which are the basis of subsequent tests and examinations (in cooperation with the appropriate Ministers, high schools, research and development units, employers’ organizations and trade self-governments).

 Preparing questions, tasks and exam sets for conducting the tests and examinations.

 Preparing and presenting syllabuses containing a description of the scope of the tests and examinations, sample questions, tasks, tests, and criteria for assessment (in cooperation with the Regional Examination Boards and in the case of vocational examinations also in cooperation with the appropriate Ministries).

 Analysing the results of the tests and examinations and reporting them to the Minister of Education in the form of an annual report of students achievements at a given educational stage.

 Preparing and distributing the programs for improving teachers’ ability to diagnose and assess students’ progress.

 Stimulating research and innovation in the area of assessment and examination.

 Coordinating the activity of the Regional Examination Boards and supervising their work connected with preparing the suggestions for tasks and question sets for the tests and examinations.

 Supervising works connected with conducting and assessing tests by the Regional Examination Boards, in order to ensure uniformity and high standards in the Regional Examination Boards’ activities and the comparability of test and examination results.

The Central Examination Board executes its statutory assignments in cooperation with 8 Regional Examination Boards



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